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Human Fertility

Wi-Fi-enabled laptops have been found to reduce sperm motility and damage sperm DNA in men.  This is not surprising given the previous studies on male fertility (Scientific Research), but it is the first report with wireless laptops.  Damage to sperm DNA, or for women damage to DNA in the ovarian follicles or the embryo/foetus during pregnancy could affect development of the next generation.  For children, who may be absorbing up to ten times more radiation than adults into their bone marrow, damage to DNA could potentially lead to cancers.  A precautionary approach would be not to use a wireless laptop on your lap, not to use one when pregnant, for wired connections to be used whenever possible and for only wired connections to be used for laptops or computers in schools. Source

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Statement to Parents:

"The Cavi Society, along with a group of concerned parents, are dismayed to see that the document issued by Solihull Council regarding their policy on Wifi in borough schools, appears to be biased in favour of Wifi and is without the necessary caveats that we would have thought desirable.We invite parents to judge for themselves, and in the light of all the information available to them on our links page, to come to their own conclusions. A detailed analysis of our view will appear here shortly."

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