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Parents threaten to remove children from Formby school over Wi-Fi installation


PARENTS have vowed to take their children out of a Merseyside school if Wi-Fi laptops are installed.

They fear their children will be exposed to “emissions” from the 50 new wireless computers at Woodlands primary school, in Formby.A petition signed by 32 parents was gathered against the equipment, which is set to be installed in the next week.

Phil Hughes, 58, a homeopath, said he selected Woodlands primary for his daughter Serena, nine, because there are no mobile phone masts nearby. He said he will take his daughter out of the school if Wi-Fi is installed. Mr Hughes is calling on staff to meet with parents before the equipment is put in place.

 He said: “We have evidence in our possession showing there are levels of danger with Wi-Fi. “We wanted a meeting to put our case to other parents. You cannot make a decision if you have not got all of the information.Parents should at least be informed.” Andrea O’Shaughnessy, 39, and her husband William, 35, also vowed to take their two children out of the school and want laptops to be hardwired instead. She said: “We decided we will take them out if Wi-Fi does go in. “We believe it emits radiation and my fear is they would be around that for six hours a day, whether it is low level or not. “It could show in 10 years’ time, when they get a brain tumour or some kind of cancer. “They put asbestos in schools years ago and said it was safe, and it is only just coming out now it is not.”

Oct 21 2009 by Lyndsay Young, Liverpool Daily Post




Statement to Parents:

"The Cavi Society, along with a group of concerned parents, are dismayed to see that the document issued by Solihull Council regarding their policy on Wifi in borough schools, appears to be biased in favour of Wifi and is without the necessary caveats that we would have thought desirable.We invite parents to judge for themselves, and in the light of all the information available to them on our links page, to come to their own conclusions. A detailed analysis of our view will appear here shortly."

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