Ways That Automation In The Home Makes Lives Easy For Busy Parents

Every responsible parent tends to worry about the safety of their children in their absence.  A home automation system comes in handy in helping you monitor your children remotely and also enhance some security measures for everyone around.

Here’s how a home automation service can bring a difference for busy parents;

  • Help manage your kids in your absence

Some modern home automation systems have automatic features that allow lights to turn off and on at specific times. So, supposing your child has come home from school at 4pm and you expect to come home late. The system will automatically switch on the lights at 7 pm (child may be busy with their game console or iPad). This feature is mostly beneficial for parents that work during odd hours to help develop a routine for the children independently.

  • Unlock and Lock Doors

As a parent, you can remotely open the door for your children when they return home from school and lock the door in case they forget to do so. Alternatively, the children can create their own codes so that they can come in and out at their own accord but still have knowledge of when they get in and out. You receive notifications via your mobile device and can monitor their movement now and then.

  • Monitoring events in the house

A security camera system installed around the house can help a parent keep an eye on their kids 24/7. You will know what’s happening in your home, who visited, what time they left, and so on.  You can work peacefully, with occasional glances to your Smartphone for live updates on what’s happening around your house.

  • Increased safety measures

Automation safety measures are ideal for alerting a parent in case of possible danger in the home.  When children move to places like the swimming pool or there is a gas leak, the detector sends an alert to the parent promptly; hence quick measures are taken to avert any possible danger.

  • Keeping kids away from poisonous home products and medicine

Kid are forever curious and explorers of what is kept away from them. For instance, most parents have locked drawers and cupboards to keep medicines and other toxic products like detergents and disinfectants, away from children. You can have special sensors installed near such cabinets, so that every time your child approaches you get a notification in your phone. You’re thus able to take quick measures to stop the child from accessing the products.

  • Keep off strangers

Keep off strangers from accessing your home by installing a gate at the exterior station of your home. This gate should have a camera that your children can access and see who is outside the gate before opening the door.

  • Setting a learning environment for doing homework

You can set an environment at home that spurs your child to do their homework.  Once the children gets home from school, you can schedule lights to turn themselves on automatically. All other distractions like music, TV, gaming consoles are also switched off at a specified time, to help the child concentrate.

  • Setting a celebration mood

During weekend and holidays, you can set a celebration mood by lighting ambient lights, music system (with selected favorite children songs) and a home theatre to play specific kid’s movies.

  • Save Energy

Kids are likely to forget essential aspects in the home like switching off fans, lights, and other electric appliances. With the press of a button, you can ensure such negligence is taken care of no matter your distance away from home.

In Summary

As the world eagerly awaits the rolling out of 5G internet, home automation is expected to become even more widespread.  This is one way that busy parents will be able to monitor, interact, and relate to their children in a ‘smart’ manner.