Home Security Tech That Creates Safety

home security
Photo by Miłosz Klinowski on Unsplash

With the rise of insecurity in London and other major cities in the UK, millions of people are now investing in high tech modern technology gadgets for the safety and protection of themselves, family, and property. Knife attacks are at an all time high, muggings and theft of cars haven’t gone lower.

Below is a list of some of the modern-day technology that you can use to enhance security for yourself, your family, and your property;

  • Remote home monitoring

Through an app connected to your Smartphone, one can be able to remotely monitor what is happening either in the home. You can monitor a minor or a pet left in the house, knowing what they are doing in real time. An employer can also monitor his/her employees and work progress. In case of burglaryor a break-in, the window or door sensor can immediately identify and send a signal through the app to your smartphone.

This technology is accessible from communication establishments offering Wi-Fi and phone services.

  • Smart Doorbells

This tech device helps to identify anyone at your door. It could be a visitor, passerby, postal service delivery, or even a thief. This, too, can be enabled through an app to connect a camera to your smartphone; hence, you can view and receive phone alerts when there is someone at your gate.

  • Access coded Home Lock

Multiple locks can be coded for easy access instead of the traditional way of using keys. It helps to prevent occasions of panic in case keys are misplaced and also a great relief for the aged people or an invalid who may find it strenuous to walk and open doors now and then.

  • Emergency Notification Necklace

This technology is specifically designed for people living with a disability, the elderly, or recuperating patients that choose to stay at home on their own. If anything were to happen to them and they require urgent assistance like a fire break out or accidental fall, all they need to do is push a button on the necklace.  After that, the message would be relayed promptly, and a helper or carer makes haste to reach them for immediate assistance.

This gadget has saved many individuals and is recommended for anyone with such dependents in their homes.

  • Smart Appliances

A smart appliance is a tech gadget used to detect overheating or prolonged use, and so they automatically shut themselves off hence preventing fire breakouts. This is especially useful for the elderly and people who have dementia. So you can now multitask without fear of forgetting a boiling pot on the stove.

  • Automatic Security gate

An automated security gate will ensure there are no trespassers within your compound. You are able to monitor anyone trying to gain access to your property. This technology was only accessible to the wealthy but now has become affordable, allowing more people to access it.

  • Voice Regulated System

This tech gadget can be used remotely to regulate various electronics in the house through voice activation. It is controlled through an app in a smartphone. Someone can watch video cameras that are placed in their homes, shut off the water, reset temperatures, and so many more using one gadget. In case of emergencies like water leaks, break-in, or sudden atmosphere change, it is able to issue quick alerts. It can also be used to control television, music, and radio.

  • Remote Garage Door Opener

In case you have traveled or are on vacation, and you receive an impromptu visitor, you don’t have to send them away. The remote garage door opener allows you to open the door from anywhere you might be in the world. On the other hand, if burglars open your garage door, the app notifies you, and you can inform the authorities and stop the theft.

This is also a safety home tech gadget that can be used to light the house when you’re away; it gives a would be burglar the impression that you are at home. It also doubles as an aid for sick or aged persons left in the house and are not in a position walk to turn on the lights when it gets dark. With a remote LED lighting system, they can light up the house from wherever they are resting.