London Graffiti Removal Company Discusses Steam Cleaning Technology

Graffiti might seem like art to a passer-by, yet, to residential and commercial managers and owners, this might not be the case. Graffiti is created using specific paints and products, and removing it requires special products and procedures to prevent damage to the surface of the wall.

The first step is to asses what type of surface the graffiti is on. Depending on whether it is brick, stone, render, or a shop front will help us decide the best course of action. 

Some surfaces have an anti-graffiti coating, and it is essential to choose a removal method that will not damage the coating underneath it. 

Graffiti removal technology


We at Cleaned With Care offer solutions that get rid of any dirt, grime or graffiti on your external walls. We have years of experience under our belt and the right equipment to tackle any task to restore your beautiful walls to their former glory.

Steam cleaning comes in handy when you need to remove fungi, algae, moss, and other organic matter from your property without causing any damage.

When it comes to the removal of graffiti, we tend to avoid using chemicals and prefer using a modern low- and high-pressure cleaning systems.  We use the Mazonni Firebox for high-pressure steam and the Doff Integra system for low pressure.

The Mazonni Firebox works by producing steam at 150 degrees. This makes it hot enough to clean any surface without causing any damage. At a water flow of 25lpm, it gets rid of deep grime, paint, grease and graffiti off any surface; from granite, concrete, tiles, terracotta, stone, brick, and more. Our team has expert knowledge on how to use this equipment to help get rid of stubborn dirt in no time.

The Doff Integra system is a 150c steam cleaner which is incredible when it comes to removing grime from any surface at low pressure. Keep in mind no use of chemicals comes into play whatsoever, so it is safe on virtually any surface. Our experts will help you get rid of grease, paint, moss, graffiti using this equipment that leaves no corrosion or damage to your walls.

Torik all steam cleaners

When it comes to cleaning windows, older methods using soap and waterworks. For older or modern buildings which use glass-reinforced concrete, a unique cleaning process is needed to prevent damage. This is where Torik cleaning system comes in. It uses a deep steam cleaning system to blast away grime.  It’s a great alternative to the use of chemicals, and it helps restore a building’s colour and look. It can also be used at any height, making it ideal for commercial and residential building alike. It works by use of pressurised steam using mobile and high powered Torik machine. It can get rid of grime, graffiti, fungi, moss, and algae and is a safe and gentle method of restoring your walls.

Why choose us

We take great pride in being the experts in all aspects of external cleaning for commercial and residential properties. We offer a complete range of affordable and high-quality cleaning services that you can rely on.

We are fully insured and knowledgeable on getting rid of a wide range of stains and dirt on any manner of surfaces from wood, metal, brick, concrete, you name it, we have worked on it. Some of the services we offer residential owners and managers include residential window cleaning, driveway and patio cleaning, roof moss removal and cleaning, gutter clearing, and cleaning. To our commercial clients, we offerbrick & stone cleaning along with cladding cleaning, commercial window cleaning, graffiti removal, gutter cleaning, car park cleaning, chewing gum removal, and facade cleaning.


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