Technology That Keeps Families Connected Across the Globe In 2019

mobile technology
Photo by Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash

Technology has offered home care systems that help keep families connected despite their different locations globally. Additionally, this has helped people monitor and take care of their elderly and disabled relatives.

Examples of innovative technologies being used to connect with families across the globe include;

  • Online Social Networks

Social sites like Facebook have been used globally to help connect with friends and family globally. It’s easy to operate. All you have to do is log in through your mobile or computer device. Users can upload and check out their family and friends uploads.

  • Video Chatting

Services such as Face Time and Skype present as an opportunity for long distances users to see each other face-to-face via a mobile or computer device. These services are user-friendly and can be used by persons of all ages.

  • Bloom

Boom is explicitly created for the elderly in mind. Bloom is a part app, part band, and part screen. A bloom view screen is set in homes or rooms for the elderly; all they need to do is wear a bloom-band.  When the band is near the screen, it is able to sense and instantly any messages or photos you have uploaded through your app pop up on the screen for the bloom-band wearer to see.

There is no need to press any buttons, making it suitable for the elderly who have no knowledge of using mobile devices. The bloom-band doubles as a medical alert system, helping you to keep track of their safety and health.

  • Blogging

Blogging can offer controlled and private sharing with family. It allows sharing photos, telling stories, recording videos and memories and gives you the option to choose who can see what you share. The advantage of a blog is that it preserves content for the longest time you want. Blogging platforms are easy to operate and free. You can find simple setup themes and tutorials on sites like Blogger and WordPress.

  • WhatsApp

It’s the oldest of all messaging apps. It allows text, sending pictures and video calls all for free if you have access to Wi-Fi connection. If your Wi-Fi signal strength is strong, it can be used as a phone to record.

  • Logi Circle

A Logi Circle is an app that allows an eye bird view of your home no matter the distance. With this app, you can have a Live HD video and also a two-way talk using Android or iOS app with family.

  • Far Far Away

Far Far Away allows you to participate in a daily treasured moment with your family members abroad. Such a moment could be, for example, storytime where both parties will be required to possess an iPad.  Using the app’s technology, the two parties can connect and read a story together daily or as frequent as they would like it.

  • ILY

Ily is a video phone enabled by Wi-Fi. Connections are made via Ily app then messages or drawings are sent to the recipient. It best suits users who don’t want to use smartphones for communication or don’t have mobile phones devices.

  • Skylight Frame

Skylight Frame is meant for family members who treasure and prefer the memory of photos. Email the photos to ( the images will appear regardless of the location of the frame. The Skylight feature can display approximately 1000 photos. 

Being connected to family is very important regardless of distance. The above modern technology methods help to achieve this noble venture. Now one doesn’t have to worry when it comes to traveling or relocating because you can still connect with family no matter the distance. The senior members of the society can also keep in touch with their children as frequently as they wish using these devices.